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Create the perfect custom illustration of your family, friends, co-workers or who ever you hold dear to your heart. All illustrated in my own style with lots of different options to choose from. Just like a commission.. but way WAY quicker! This would also make a fabulous & uniqe gift for any occassion. A white border will surround the illustration for optimal framing results. Printed on A4 matte paper.


For this product you will have the rare opportunity to view & approve your new custom illustration before it is printed, for no extra charge.  I will email you one water marked copy, created based off your details provided. I cannot post your illustration to you until we get confirmation, so keep an eye on your emails after placing your order. 


Please have a look at the FAQs in the info section & all photos in the gallery. You can watch our IGTV video on Instagram where we chat all about this art print. If you have any special requests, feel free to email us & we will do our best to accomodate.

Custom Portrait Print

PriceFrom €10.00
  • How do I customise?

    • You can personalise your illustration by referring to the example guides in the gallery and typing in the custom text box provided. Each option will have a name or code for you to choose from. 

    What if I run out of space in the custom text box to type?

    • If this happens, you can proceed with placing your order and send us an email, straight away if possible, with the full/remainder of your personalisation along with your name & order number. Unfortunately, we are restricted to only 500 characters per text box.

    Why are there two options for an adult in the drop down menus?

    • This is because they are different prices. To break it down.. All adults/teens that ARE NOT with a baby belong to the first drop down menu. This is including the pose of the 'adult (with small child)'. The second drop down menu is to add a baby to your illustration. To do this, the baby must be accompanied by an adult. So, if you are creating an illustration of two adults and one baby, you will select '1 adult/teen' in the first drop down menu & '1 adult + 1 baby' in the second drop down menu & '0 small children' in the third drop down menu.

    Can I add more people than listed in the options?

    • It's quite possible that this could be arranged, just send us an email with any special requests and we will do our best to accomodate.

    If I wish to only have the adult holding the small child pose in my illustration, should I choose '1 adult/teen', '0 adult + 0 baby' & '1 Small Child' in the drop down menu?

    • Yes, this is exactly right! This posing option is available to ensure you have the best options to make the most interesting and visually pleasing illustration possible, especially in the case of larger groups.

    Can I see the illustration before it is posted to me to check I filled it in correctly?

    • Yes! I will create your custom illustration asap. I will then email you a water marked copy. Please make sure to use a valid email address when checking out. We will require a response before printing your order. I cannot post your illustration to you until we get confirmation, so keep an eye on your emails after placing your order. 

    Are the female top options available for all people?

    • Unfortunately, no it is outlined in each relevant photo who each option is available to. Not all tops are available to all females. This is due to their posing. The same applies to the adult male + baby pose. 

    What age does 'Small Child' refer to?

    • This is up for interpretation, I think it is best to base your choices on the height of each person. You can easily see a reference of this in one of the photos in the gallery. You may have a 9 or 10 year old who is quite tall so you would input them as an 'Adult/Teen' rather than a 'Small Child' for example.

    If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to email us anytime. I would be happy to help.

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