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Whether you have a home jungle or you're new to plant parenting, our Friendly Snake plant pot accessory is the perfect addition to any plant lover's collection. 


This little guy is hand sculpted from clay & designed to bring joy to your plant babies, keeping your houseplants company by decorating the pot with a splash of colour while hanging on the side.


It is handpainted with acrylics & has been varnished with multiple layers of painters UV protection varnish. See our Additional Info section for full care details.

Friendly Snake Pot Pal

Only 1 left in stock
  • Each clay sculpture has multiple layers of Acrylic Paint Gloss UV Varnish which protects the artwork from airborne pollutants, UV damage and discolouration. 


    • Best suited for indoor use only (houseplants).
    • Take care when moving & handling your plant pal.
    • Remove temporarily while watering your plants, please ensure the pot is nice & dry before placing your clay sculture back in place.
    • Please do not leave your plant pal in water!
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