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Bring this busy bear with you next time you're 'off to get the messages'. This tote bag design is very special to me as it features my original character design (Samsun The Bear).


KM Art is expanding it's inventory by creating a new line of Tote Bags. This product, like most, has been designed, created & packaged by KM Art in our home studio.


This product has been created with a top of the line heatpress & sublimation materials meaning the artwork result is infused into the fibres of the bag, full colour image that helps protect against cracking or peeling from the substrate if cared for efficiently (see our Additional Info Section for details). These tote bags are sold individually.

Samsun's Messages Tote Bag

  • Approx. 38x42cm with long handles at 56cm. Can be worn over your shoulder or carried in hand.

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