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About Us

I'm Karen, I'm from County Offaly, Ireland, now living in County Mayo with my amazing boyfriend/business partner Brian. All the artwork you see in my lovely shop is my own work. Together we come up with new ideas, make & pack your orders and everything in-between!

I have been a creative person my entire life. I became a 'professional artist' in 2020 after 4 years of doing a bachelors degree in Animation & Illustration. Then, during the lockdown, KM Art was born from the living room couch after endless hours, fueled on coffee!

Since then, we have grown the business adding new products & designs regularly. We are a small business (with big goals!) I hope you stick around & find something you like...

Thanks for reading.

Happy Shopping,


KM Art partners smiling

Get To Know Me A Little Better...


Art | Doggos | Formula 1 | Chocolate | Binge-watching Netflix (Vampire Diaries, Outer Banks, Schitts Creek, to name a few) | Bears | Coffee Dates | Playing Animal Crossing & Hogwarts Legacy | Travelling & People Watching In Cafes | Roaming around Charity Shops | Spicebags from the chinese!


Here at KM Art, we make almost all of our products ourselves..

We print, laminate and cut your bookmarks. Use a special printer and heat press for your mugs, coasters & tote bags. We print and bind your calenders & colouring books. Along with the little small jobs like creating care labels, thank you notes, packaging for your orders and SO much more.

We absolutely love being immersed in the process, it means each piece is made with care & love. 

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